Our Mission:

NeighbourLink expresses your gift of hope for thousands of Calgarians who lack life’s basics, through the provision of essential goods, resources, and care, to enhance the quality of life for those who need it, free of barriers and financial cost.

About Our Charity:

How long could you sleep on the floor, or watch your children sleep on blankets on the floor – not because they want to, but because you can’t afford a proper bed to sleep on? How would you deal without safe transportation for your children, or a place to sit and eat dinner as a family?

Because of the hope and heart of individuals and communities such as your's, NeighbourLInk has been able to provide basic resources to Calgarians who lack these essential items since it became a registered charity in 1993 – helping thousands of low-income families and individuals with a fresh start in life through the provision these basic items many of us take for granted.